Keynotes & Workshops Speaking events that empower individuals to get the most out of their education and career! 

You have a limited time to provide motivation and valuable insights to your audience. Offering actionable solutions in a relatable, approachable way is the key. Whether your audience needs support with navigating their higher education journey or guidance with setting and actualizing professional goals, I can help them gain clarity and understanding and motivate them to take action. My mission is to ignite their inner optimism and show them that success is within their reach!

Hello, I am Dr. Zakiya Akerele. I am a former unemployed graduate turned mentor – entrepreneur. My mission is to help young people use every ounce of their education to pursue their passions. If you wish to work together to complete this mission, you should know more about me.


This is who you’ll be working with:

  • A graduate who empathizes with current college students and graduates.
  • A former professor with four degrees, the highest being a Ph.D.
  • A current mentor who has guided many young mentees to success.
  • A full-time entrepreneur who knows what it takes to earn financial freedom.
  • A seasoned professional who has served clients in universities and NGOs worldwide.

Speaking Services I Offer

Keynotes & Panels

Spice up your event by giving your audience a speaker that sets the stage for important learning experiences. As a former professor, I know how the higher education system works and my background in career development helps students and young professionals leverage their knowledge, skills, and talents to create meaningful careers. Join me as I share stories and key insights from my book Dump Your Degree. I’m confident the experience will get your audience talking. 

What your audience gets:


  • Realistic, actionable career advice.
  • An understanding of what they can do right now to prepare for the job market.
  • A fresh perspective on how to make the most of their education.
  • Renewed interest in the path ahead.

Workshops & Training


Many students and recent grads struggle to figure out how to make their degree “work” in the real world. My workshops fill in that knowledge gap by showing them how to turn their degrees into career opportunities. I also teach workshop attendees skills that will help them build careers that can be used globally. 


What your audience gets:

  • Ways to gain skills that are in demand all over the world.
  • An introduction to global opportunities for any majors.
  • Priceless information on how to manage finances (pun intended!).
  • Unique ideas on how to monetize their passions.
  • Strategies for deciding what path is best for them.